Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Commercial Demo!

I'm excited to announce that my new commercial demo is finished! It's been uploaded to my web site demo page or you can just listen here.

It was produced by voice coach extraordinaire Nancy Wolfson with Rick Santizo engineering at Santisound in LA. I recorded via ISDN from my studio patched to Rick's Source Connect via Dave Immer at Digifon. Ain't technology grand?

Everyone was great to work with. Nancy hand picked copy for me and directed as the culmination of working with me for several months guiding me as she learned my strengths and inherent style. She is absolutely fantastic to work with! Her brand of "tough love" as she calls it is that and more, and it gets results! Her thoughtful, experienced insight into what makes a commercial tick and how to ferret out all the nuances of all types of commercials is amazing. When you hear what she has put together, you are both in awe of her at how she "gets" it and dumbfounded as to how you could have missed it! It's a practical step by step to breaking down and analyzing the copy when you've just been leaving it to "feeling it organically" all these years - and missing more than you ever thought. Tough love aside, Nancy is warm and funny, and truly cares about her students reaching their highest potential. She's not afraid of tackling the daunting task of teaching an old dog new tricks!