Thursday, July 7, 2011

Voice Over Advice: Redundancy is a good thing - especially when it comes to your computer!!

We usually try not to be redundant. But when it comes to our computers and important documents, pictures, and audio files it's a VERY good thing! I was reminded of that last week when my computer became infected with a serious virus even though we have a very formidable firewall. The virus attaches itself to some other benign file which you download and then wreaks havoc on your computer. All of a sudden, it appears that your hard drive is full and a window pops up as if it's from Windows which runs a scan, "detects" many issues with your hard drive, and offers to "fix" it. Even though I knew better than to follow through with this, it was impossible to close the window, and once my computer was shut down, it would not boot up again. It's called Windows XP Repair virus, and more about this particular virus can be found at

While this did put my computer out of commission for a couple of days, we were able to copy all of my files from the hard drive onto another drive before attempting to remove the virus. There was nothing wrong with the hard drive and only minimal files are kept on it. All of my important documents and audio files are stored on my server - which backs up daily to another server. Of course, we had to reload the programs I use, but it did give us the opportunity to do some housecleaning as well.

I have intended for awhile to have another hard drive waiting in the wings to take over in case mine should fail, and this has only emphasized the need to keep a back up with current information ready to go at all times making it even easier and quicker to get up and running in short order.

To further complicate things, I was scheduled to leave town just the day after this happened. Actually, since it's hard for me to leave town knowing I might miss something, it did have the effect of making me feel better about leaving since it was impossible to record on my own anyway. I was still able to record via ISDN before leaving even though I had to read the script from my iPhone! My FAX machine came in handy, too. Where there's a will there's a way to make it happen for dedicated voice over talent!

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to have multiple back ups of your hard drive contents and all of your important documents, pictures, and audio files! Keep it all safe, and be prepared.