Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Voice Over Studio equipment

Just thought I'd finally add a new post. It's been a very busy summer with lots of work, kids home from school, family visits & celebrations, vacation, etc. The new studio project is slowly moving forward due to all the other craziness - I'd hoped to have it done by now! The good news is that the extra time it's taking to secure just the right contractors, designers, etc. has given me extra time to think about exactly how I want things to be done. So, decisions have been made that should help speed up the process once work actually begins.

To top that off, I've already started acquiring some of the new office equipment that will be in the studio - large screen monitors, new computers, ergonomic keyboards, shelving, chairs, etc. So, this weekend, that is being set up in my current studio to at least make it more efficient and comfortable until the renovation is complete and new audio booth is built - and we get to move everything again!

A new commercial voice over demo is in the works, too! I'll be working with Nancy Wolfson on that in early September - very excited about that as well!