Saturday, December 1, 2007

Welcome to Melanie's Voice Over Studio

Welcome to my new voice over blog! This is a new area for me, but I look forward to sharing voice over information and experiences with you. I look forward to hearing from you, too! First, a bit about my background. I've been a working professional voice over performer and actress for 25 years. I live in Texas and up until about 5 years ago, that's where I did most of my work. I've been fortunate to have been able to keep busy in this market all these years.

I created my own digital home studio about 5 years ago. It was the best move of my voice over career! It has put me in touch with so many more potential clients and other fine voice over artists as well. These days, I stay busy with recording and uploading files daily. I also have ISDN and have begun doing more "live" sessions, too. It is a constant learning curve and I've continued to update my studio and marketing materials continuously. Since I can edit my own demos, I'm constantly tweaking my demos for different prospective clients and agents and adding new material as soon as I have a copy of the finished product. Although I still love working in other professional audio studios in my area, having my own studio has opened up so many more avenues of employment for me!


Mr Bob said...


Keep on workin' hard Ms Mel. I like the results that can be seen so far...

As for an xmas song we might sing together as a duet, send a file of anything you like. Anybody that reads this, go ahead and send an acapella mp3 and I'll make an effort to dress it up and get it back to whoever gives it a go..ho ho K?

Bob Elliott

Anonymous said...


Great to see you blogging! Looking forward to reading about things from your perspective :)


Stephanie Ciccarelli

The said...

Hi Neighbor!

Your new blog looks great... I'm looking forward to reading more of your wit and wisdom!

All the best...

Dave DeHart

Voice Over Studio said...

Hey Bob, Stephanie, and Dave! Thanks for the kind words about my new voice over blog. I appreciate your visiting and hope you'll come back often!

Peter O'Connell said...

welcome to the VO blog world.

You'll have great fun here.

Site looks very sharp too.

Best always,
- Peter

Voice Over Studio said...

Thanks for visiting, Peter! Hope you'll drop by often. Melanie

drtoad said...

I've found the info here to be extremely hepful so far, thanks for everything. -wlc2