Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Professional Microphone for Voice Over

Just had to say that Santa was very good to me! He brought me a beautiful new Sennheiser MKH416 - P48 3U microphone! It's the state of the art microphone for film and national tv voice over. I'm anxious to work with it in my voice over studio on my next project. It's all hooked up and ready to go! I know everyone has their favorite microphone and it may or may not be this one, but since it is the industry standard I have been anxious to add it to my studio. So far, I think it sounds great!

If you have any opinions, advice or observations about this mic, please let me know.


jessespringer said...

Oh, I certainly agree. It's long been my favorite, and I just recently purchased one myself.

Welcome to the club!

God Is Love-

Voice Over Studio said...

Hey Jesse, Thanks for visiting my voice over blog, and for the input on the new mic. Have to say, I visited your site and listened to your voice over demos - you are quite accomplished! I'm impressed with your depth and expertise - especially for your age! You have quite a career ahead of you!

jessespringer said...

Thanks, Melanie!

I certainly try my best. There's always more ahead, so I keep my eyes out for whatever I can get!

Yeah, I guess we haven't really come into contact professionally before. I've heard your name in the cyber VO world, but we've never "talked". Good to meet you!

And thanks for the kind words!

God Is Love-