Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Great Voice Talent and More - Don LaFontaine

The voice over world was rocked this week with the passing of Don LaFontaine. He was the larger than life voice of thousands of movie trailers, promos, commercials and more.

It's so interesting and fitting that this man has had such an affect on us all. Although I never met him and certainly never worked with him, his passing has truly moved me as it has so many others. I have found myself thinking of him and his family often over the past several weeks and certainly the past several days.

I think much of this feeling of closeness comes from our online community, comradery, and friendship. Never before in this business have so many of us been able to communicate on a daily basis with mentors, peers, and students. We truly feel a part of the big picture, the whole. We're not just voice over artists in one city, small town, or even out in the countryside working from home - a concept unfathomable in this business just a few years ago! Because of the internet, we've been able to join together in this and many other forums to share our knowledge, joys and sorrows. I'm amazed by it and truly grateful for it every day.

Because we all have such access to our peers as well as those we aspire to emulate, it seems that anything is possible. Our dreams are within reach.

Thank you to Don for his generosity of spirit and candor in sharing his knowledge, experience, and humor. We are grateful for his monolithic talent and soul.

May we all infuse every project we work on completely with our own talent, spirit, and humor in his honor and in ours.


Peter O'Connell said...

Melanie you're 100% right.

The VO community clearly is universally saddened by this and the complete lack of pettiness or "maybe I can get his job now" is awesome.

Thanks for the post.

Best always,
- Peter

Stephanie Ciccarelli said...

Thank you Melanie :)