Sunday, February 3, 2008

Voice Over News

Wow! Things have really been popping lately! So much has been happening that I haven't had time to blog. If I can't find time to chat......well you know things are busy in the voice over business. Seems like most of the voice talent and voice over producers I've been talking to lately are experiencing the same thing - both female voice talent and male voice talent. Good news for all of us! Hope you've been busy, too!

Along with ISDN commercial voice over sessions, there have been more web narrations and long form e-learning narrations with some on camera work tossed in, as well. I've been traveling to other studios more than usual for narration and commercial work, too. While I certainly enjoy working from my own voice over studio, it is such a treat to just be the voice talent and leave the engineering and editing to someone else!

I'm still continuing on my quest for getting new voice over promotional materials designed. It's taking longer than I anticipated, but it will all work out well in the end and I had to get the new design "just right". We agonize over this stuff, don't we? I've also learned a few new helpful tips for EQing finished voice files from a generous engineer/producer. Still tweaking and getting used to the new Sennheiser MKH 416 mic, which is so sensitive that it required some tweaking of my mic preamp and mixer settings along with increased soundproofing and isolation. It's all been well worth the trouble, though, and the new mic is sounding great both via ISDN with no processing, and when I'm recording, engineering and editing my own voice over files. It's a constant learning process, isn't it?

Oh, still working on that new promo demo, too. Just had to put it on hold over the past few weeks. I hope to get into the studio to work with a super producer on that within the next week or so. By then, I should have the new CD labels and postcards, so perfect timing after all!


Anonymous said...


I like your enthusiasm...but no, I'm dead in the water with VO work right now.
I share your excitement for the MKH, though...I just got one too.

Would you consider adding me to your distinguished list of male VO talent on your site?

Home page:

I'm also a news anchorman at the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas: KLAS-TV.

Nice site!

Dave Courvoisier

Voice Over Studio said...

Hi Dave! Thanks for stopping by my voice over blog. Well, we all have those times.... Seems contacting previous clients, working on the promotional side of our business, i.e. postcards, emails, phone calls or even just taking care of that filing, cleaning up the studio - any action seems to help jump start things. Cruising the web checking out voice over sites, voice over marketplaces, agents, etc. helps, too. I know that every time I've done a mailing or emailing, I always seem to pick up some voice over work - and it's often NOT from one of the voice over producers that I'd just contacted. It's Cosmic!

You have a great web site and blog and demos! I'm sure you'll connect with the right people to get things moving again!

robert yarn said...

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