Friday, February 8, 2008

New Voice Over Booking Check List

Seems I needed a reminder to check my own checklist when it comes to new voice over bookings - even for returning clients! Just wasted some time yesterday searching for music samples for a client to go with a brief voice sample of his new script. I'd worked with him before and assumed (I know, I know) that he'd want to go in the same direction as previously, and in my defense, he hadn't mentioned otherwise. So, back to basics. I will try to always use my list of questions regarding type of recording and voice over style! Some lessons we just have to learn over and over, don't we? It may have something to do with too much multitasking, too...

You know, the more I think of it, it seems that email, although very convenient, can exacerbate the problem of getting a clear communication. In theory, having it in writing would seem to give you a more concrete idea of what your client is after, but many people write such cryptic emails that it's awfully hard to read between the lines. Also, there's often such urgency, that we sometimes tend to jump off the starting line before all the details are in place.

Clarifying whether the narration is for a web site, sales meeting, DVD, in house, etc. and whether the client wants the voice over talent to read more seriously, upbeat, commercially, or dramatically is, obviously, very important even when you THINK you know what they're going for! Asking the client to listen to your voice over demos again and pick the cut that is closest to what they're envisioning is also extremely helpful - as long as you remember to do it! There are some clients who know exactly what they want and can describe it to you in great detail - bless them! (for the most part) There are others who don't know what they want until they've heard you try everything else, and still others who know what they want, but just neglect to share it with you - leaving you to use your mind reading skills! We have to keep our wits about us and keep investigating until we unearth that magic word or sample or link that gives us both that ah ha moment. Then, it's bliss! So, in addition to the titles of voice talent, engineer, booking agent, marketing manager, file clerk, and bookkeeper we need to add detective!


MCM Voices said...

Melanie, you are so right. But there's only so much we can do! Once we've been through all those iterations and we've done exactly what they want and they love it, they will then tell us "the boss wants something different." Aaaaaaaagghhhhhhh!



Voice Over Studio said...

Yeah, and no one can tell you what that "something" is!

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Hope you'll be back!