Monday, April 4, 2011

Zombie Alley - The Story

Zombie Alley A meteor falls from Outer Space and Momma, (the moo-moo wearing, shotgun toting, brains of the operation) and Earl (her greasy, dead beat mechanic son), find the rock, discover it has highly addictive properties, take it back to their auto shop and make white trash meth out of it, which starts a zombie apocalypse."

This fun Rock and Roll/Horror/Comedy follows a struggling rock band as they wrestle with drugs, sex, rock and roll…and our own unique twist on Zombies and the monster genre, the mutated Momma, Earl, and their “Juicehead” lackeys as they ravage the town and spread the infection in their attempt to build their Evil Auto Empire.

Yes, I play Momma - quite a departure from my normal persona, of course. Should be fun! Just waiting to hear a few more details before filming starts later this month. If all goes as planned, I'll be working on location for this, and I have my remote audio set up ready to go. So, I'll be able to record voice over work practically from the set! Great deal, huh?

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