Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I don't make New Year's resolutions per se.... just resolve to do my best daily and keep plugging away! In review, 2010, was a good voice over year for me - busier than ever with many new clients and continuing work for my wonderful regular and returning clients!

I've also heard from a lot of prospective voice over talent who visit my web site and contact me to 1) Find out how to break into the voice over business and/or 2) Want me to be their agent.

As to the first, I always direct everyone to visit my "How To" pages on my web site which contain some basic information for beginning voice over. Many of the things posted there are also found in my blog posts with additional information posted here as the spirit moves me.

As to the second, I am not an agent. I think that the fact that I discuss agents and the business has caused Google to pick up my site and I show up when someone goes looking for voice over agents.

I realize that I am not along in receiving these requests. I'm happy to provide whatever information I can on my web site and in my blog. I'm not always available for extended phone conversations concerning getting started in the business as I spend a lot of time in the booth recording, so I encourage people interested in more information to email me rather than call. Recently, a fellow voice over professional, Paul Strikwerda, created an interesting video geared toward those interested in becoming professional voice over talent. Enjoy....


Paul Strikwerda said...

Happy New Year to you, Melanie! Many thanks for adding my slide show to your blog.

Hopefully, my presentation on voice-over misconceptions will help many budding actors to think twice before they take the plunge.

My advice: just get your feet wet before you decide to jump in.

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