Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Studio!

Well, guess it's been quite some time since my last post! The late spring and summer have gotten away from me with graduations, family reunions, work, and continued work on the new studio. The great news is that while I was away attending a family reunion in June, my studio equipment was all moved into the new studio - thanks to my husband and sons. When I returned, I immediately started working in the new audio booth exclusively. The rest of the studio is almost complete with just a few more cosmetic touches needed.

It took about 7 months to get to this point because my contractor walked the job last December after most of the major construction of the audio booth and new roof and porch of the building were complete. We did shop around for another contractor to finish up, but my husband - fortunately, a jack of all trades - decided he'd just do it himself. Although he had to split his time between work and other major projects, he's plugged away at the studio and done a fantastic job! AND at least we know the work has been done "right the first time" - although we sure wouldn't have minded help from one of our TV favorites - Mike Holmes of Holmes on Homes:)

I'm anxious for everything to be completed so that I can post pictures. There's really not much left to complete, but I'm trying to be patient until everything is perfect......and we're close. Until then, I am at least able to work in the new booth, and I'm loving being able to look out the window of the booth through the large windows of the studio to the outdoors. Such a change from the "cave" of the past 7 years! Don't get me wrong. I was thankful for it, and I did a lot of good work from there, and it was pleasant except for the fact that I had to plug the windows with foam and plywood and create a little enclosed "cave"of a booth with office dividers and comforters to eventually get the acoustics to my standards. With hours spent narrating e-learning tutorials and other long form narration, it could get a bit "other worldly". And it was always a worry with ISDN sessions as to whether the neighbors' yard services would show up at just the wrong time....

Now, I just feel so much freer and it's a joy to be in this space!

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